If this our first time meeting, I’m Dr. J.


Not everyone is ready, willing or even has access to traditional therapeutic treatments.

The ONLINE WORKSHOPS are a space to experience, in groups, how we can get real with more ways to deal.

When our bodies break, we seek professionals to help us heal. Sometimes though, when it comes to things we feel, like confused about our purpose, insecure about our future, afraid of starting over, or feeling paralyzed by anxiety or depression, we keep it to ourselves. 

I know I used to, and it almost became the end of me. Through 12 years of working with groups of 3 to over 3,000, I’ve learned that I wasn’t the only one losing time and hope on this endless cycle of SILENCE.

Top 3 reasons we struggle in silence

  1. We believe it’s a perceived strength
  2. We don’t think anyone would care or understand
  3. We don’t want to be a burden

These ONLINE WORKSHOPS are for anyone who wants to master their mind & strengthen their sense of worth so they can show up fully in the world.

We exercise our bodies and brains, NOW IS THE TIME we strengthen our skills on how to navigate things we feel.

Grab your spot in this powerful ONLINE WORKSHOP with Dr. J and discover how connection is at our core.

You can expect:

  • To get real 
  • Discover ways to deal in distant times
  • Redirect your perspective on what’s possible

Seats are limited, but don’t hestate to share the experience with a friend.

2020 may have had a rough start, but this won’t be the end of our story


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April 25th Class

Apr 25

12:00 pm


Finding Your Purpose

May 1

5:00 pm


SPEAK YOUR HEART OUT: Public Speaking 101

May 16

12:00 pm